My shave of the day is with Ginger’s Garden and Spice Grenade. (Thanks Irena Marchu for telling me about it) Not only do I use the fantastic shave soap, but the aftershave as well, and the body soap was awesome, however only lasted about four showers. Plus in this video, I focus a little on breast cancer awareness month, which is coming up in October. So please watch for information regarding that, if for nothing else. My razor today is a Dovo-106, 5/8’s Straight and I get what I would officially call, the smoothest shave I have gotten, since I started using a straight razor. Please watch, comment and subscribe.

If you’d like to find out more information please keep reading down below and I will tell you how you can donate or help out with the American Cancer Society. Please take time and think about it, we have all been affected by breast cancer in some way. And October is breast cancer awareness month. We all need to help finish the fight. Get involved with your local Making Strides three-to five-mile noncompetitive event today.
Here’s the link for info.

Or go to to find out more about cancer, as far as finding support for treatment is concerned, along with exploring research and getting involved. And that is thanks for watching my videos. Please subscribe and I will sub back.
Thank you,

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