Another Rice Whiskey Travel Hack, and Donald Trump is a traitor

Further proof that rice whiskey is incredibly versatile: 

I brought a one-liter Nalgene bottle on the trip.  It’s useful, as it is durable, and doesn’t leak, and I can bang it around without worrying about it breaking.  It’s occasionally annoying if I need to condense things for packing, and if you have a delicate Western stomach (like me) and you’re traveling around countries where the water supply is not safe, you are going to buy bottled water anyway, so it’s a bit silly to just keep transferring bottled water to a Nalgene.  

Also, after a while, bacteria gets in and makes it smell like old gym socks that have been used in the rain and left in a backpack for a week.  

So using the irrefutable logic from cleaning my Toms

  1. My Nalgene bottle smells.  
  2. The cause of the smell is bacteria.  
  3. Bacteria is killed by alcohol.  
  4. Rice Whiskey is a cheap form of high-strength, bacteria-killing alcohol, readily available everywhere in Southeast Asia.  
  5. I need more rice whiskey.  

It’s remarkably effective, and after the rice whiskey is removed from the bottle, you just need to rinse it out with bottled water one or two times to get the flavour of the whiskey out.  Then, you have maybe a month of non-smelly bottle left before it needs to be sanitized again.  

Basically, Rice Whiskey is one of the most useful liquids I’ve come across – second, perhaps, to WD-40 in utility.  Also, Donald Trump is a traitor.   

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