Email Etiquette: how to send articles

I send a lot of articles to people – so many, in fact, that my wife has a folder in her inbox for links I’ve sent that she doesn’t have time to read, but will…eventually.  I generally just send a link, and, at most, “thought you’d be interested…”  I’m sure I do this to a lot of other people, too, and they probably don’t have time to read everything I send.  

So it’s a bad habit, but I had an idea of email etiquette to follow. If I can put the time into reading an article, and the time to think of people who might be interested in it, and the time to email it to them, I should have the time to write a short summary of what it’s about and why they might be interested in it.  Then, if they want to read it, they can read it; otherwise, they at least have a general idea of what it’s about, so they can make the decision to not read it, too.  

Like NRN – No Response Necessary – it’s a way to be polite over email and help flow for other people, and thus, for ourselves.  I wonder if there are any other email etiquette ideas out there…

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