Fiji is simply this beautiful.

Sigatoka sand dunes, Fiji.

I was trying to capture the sharp lines and the varying colors of these sand dunes; they are constantly changing, constantly shifting, unearthing historic artifacts and then burying them again.

Lone rider, letting his horse rest between sprints.
The yin and the yang.
Back to the sprints. The horse was going so fast that I was surprised it didn’t hurt itself.
The sand dunes cover an ancient settlement – perhaps one of the first in Fiji. It’s often an archaeological site for students. Because the sand dunes are constantly shifting, they often reveal new artifacts – like these pottery shards I found at the base of a dune, which are apparently about 2000 years old. I left them with the museum, and now I get to say that I have made my contribution to the great field of archaeology. Only when posting this did I realize a fly photobombed what might have been my shining moment.

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