One Month Down

The sun from the Mount Batur Volcano, Bali, Indonesia

Today is the day of completion.  Teddy and I have been writing a post a day for all of August.

My friend Eric saw what we were doing and wanted to join in.  Teddy and I had so much fun that for September, we’re each committing to a post a day again.  I mean, it’s probably just going to go on indefinitely.

“And so, dear mother, this scribble must end, as others have done.  Tomorrow, I believe, is my eight-and-thirtieth birthday!  You were then young in life; I had not yet entered it.  Since then – how much!  how much!  They are in the land of silence, whom we once knew.  A few years more and we too shall be with them in eternity.  Meanwhile it is this Time that is ours: let us be busy with it and work, work, ‘for the Night cometh.’”  Carlyle, letter to his mother, 3 December 1833

I’ve had a few requests: Top Ten lists from our trip, more reflections on travel, what it’s like to live in Edinburgh, what it’s like to be in one place after moving constantly for six months, what moment or moments defined our experience on the trip.  I’m putting together drafts and collecting my photos and thinking a lot.  But the main thing now, today, is to reflect, for like Carlyle, tomorrow is my eight-and-thirtieth birthday, and how much! how much! has occurred since this time last year.

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