Daily Questions

Go on a 30km ride on fixie bicycles down unpaved roads through the Laos jungle and limestone karsts? Epic day achieved.

Eric wrote about starting to ask himself daily questions about how to improve his life, based on a post of mine last week.  I was unclear in my original post; those are questions that I ask myself regularly but not, perhaps, intentionally.  They come up often, but I haven’t systematized them.

I DO ask myself certain questions every morning and evening, though, based on Anthony Robbins’ suggestions:


  • What am I happy about?
  • What am I excited about?
  • What am I proud of?
  • What am I grateful for?
  • What am I enjoying?
  • What am I committed to?
  • Who do I love?
  • Who loves me?
  • What am I confident about?
  • What will I contribute today?
  • What will make today a success?


  • What have I given today?
  • What did I learn today?
  • How has today added to the quality of my life?
  • How can I use today as an investment in my future?
  • What did I do today to challenge myself and my limits?
  • What inspired me today?
  • What did I do that was epic?

I also created a “Code of Conduct” of feelings I want to experience every single day. I also made definitions of how I can feel them or not.

  • Dynamic: manage my state.
  • Creative: create something, anything.
  • Powerful: expend my abilities in some way.
  • Confident: am grateful for an ability I have.
  • Grateful: concentrate on a blessing I have.
  • Excited: think about a future possibility, and do one thing to achieve it.
  • Interested: learn something new.
  • Calm: meditate, for a breath or an hour.
  • Friendly: smile at myself and someone else.
  • Helpful: make the first move to contribute in some way.
  • Elegant: adjust my body throughout the day according to Alexander Technique principles.
  • Inspired: contemplate beauty.
  • Loving: express love to Alice in one of her love languages.
  • Supportive: encourage Alice and someone else.
  • Wealthy: be grateful for on specific manifestation of abundance.
  • Humble: think of a way I am insignificant.
  • Focused: give my all to whatever I’m doing in any moment.
  • Growing: look backwards in time and be grateful for my progress.
  • Inquisitive: ask a good question, of myself or someone else.

I designed them this way so that I am completely in control; if I can create something – whether it’s an app, a sentence, a good cup of coffee – then I’ve experienced that Creative state, and my day is a success from that perspective.  If, when I meditate in the morning, I get one good breath in (it usually happens around eight minutes, and I realize it and smile), then I am calm.  If I see something beautiful, and I stop to think about it, I’ve been inspired.

These are constantly changing; I added Inquisitive to the list as I was typing this, because I realized that was something I’d like to be.  I’ll edit them if a better definition strikes me.  I’m happy to copy ideas if they’ll add to my own life.

The combination of these two things – working to live up to my Code of Conduct every day, and answering these questions – has me looking for ways to either live up to these states, or answer these questions, before I even ask them of myself.  For example, if I have the opportunity to take a private tour of Holyrood Palace, then I’ll accept, because I know that will be epic – and that will answer my “epic” requirement of the day.  If I have a question, I’ll ask it, because that will now make me live up to my inquisitiveness.  And when it is time to start my day and ask how I’ll live up to my ideals, or reflect on the day and ask if I’ve been all that I can be, the answers to all these questions are at the front of my mind – I’ve been thinking of them all day, or my subconscious has been meditating on them all night.

And how do I know if I’m successful?  I can answer these questions – and smile at myself.  🙂


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