The Silent Gesture

In thinking about The Silent Gesture, the NFL dispute, and President Trump, I had the thought: what if this was actually a good opportunity for making a deal?  Right now, it seems as if the two sides are at an unnecessary impasse: Trump is attacking the players for not standing, and the players are either kneeling or not going on the field during the national anthem because they want to drive home the point that Black Lives Matter.

The deal I’d propose as a start: the Federal Government stops police officers slaying unarmed African-Americans with impunity, and in return, players stand for the National Anthem.  Both sides get what they want.  If people do object to either…well, what might the objections be?  Who wants more innocent Americans to be killed?  Who wants other Americans to feel disrespected?

We have an opportunity to do a ton of good, and if Trump wants credit for it, fantastic.  We move toward healing the country and making it possible for individuals, and America, to move forward.

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