60. Running a Restaurant for Dummies

Sidewalk restaurant, Hai Phong, Vietnam

Running a Restaurant for Dummies

I worked at a student-run cafe in college, but like all work-study jobs at Pitzer the emphasis was on studying.  But I started at Zonal at the beginning of September; they make all of the technology that is important in helping restaurants run smoothly.  I had to learn about the restaurant business in a very short period of time.  Like, two days. So I grabbed this for £.25 at a charity shop and smashed through it.

I sometimes forget about what it’s like to start a new job.  There’s so much to learn and consider – not just with how to to do the job, but also in learning about the people and the politics of an organization.  Luckily, Zonal has been incredibly welcoming, and my team works like a smoothly oiled machine, so now the challenge is taking the skills I’ve acquired over the last…well, eighteen years, and re-adjusting them to work with a new environment.  That in itself may be a skill to work on honing.

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