The calm cleanup after the storm

From Jonathan’s blog.

My friend Jonathan has been deployed to the Caribbean to…well, I assume to help the cleanup after the storms that have laid waste to parts of America.  I’m not actually sure.  I have this habit of immediately unfollowing people on Facebook shortly after they have babies, because I don’t want my feed full of baby pictures.  He had a baby; I unfollowed him; and then he apparently joined the military, but I didn’t know because…well.

Anyway, I feel like there are three forms of information on what is happening post-Irma:

  • Breathless 24-hour-news-cycle reports, or
  • Facebook posts about how terrible people feel about the devastation, or
  • Facebook posts about the inept administration response and how angry we are about it.

Jonathan wanted to join the post-a-day group that Teddy and Eric and I were part of, but I guess cleaning up after a hurricane makes that a bit difficult.  Regardless, it’s amazing to follow a personal, first-hand account of the cleanup and recovery, and to actually know the guy posting about it.  Also, perhaps I should be more understanding of parental pride.  You should check his blog out here.

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